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While this toolkit provides guidance for building your own messages, we have some examples to get you started.  You can download and print each of these flashcards and use them the next time you have a media interview, need to write an opinion piece, or just need some ideas as you think through your messaging strategy. 

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Immigration Policy Reform

Core Message: We need a commonsense approach to immi- gration policy, one that upholds our values and moves us forward together. We need a reasonable immigration process that gives new Americans a roadmap to citizenship so that they can fully contrib- ute to and participate. 

Focus on Three Core Themes:

  • Upholding our values. Our national values: fairness and opportunity for all, equal treatment, freedom from discrimination, American due process, and basic rights/ human rights. Our shared personal values: family, economic security, opportunity, and work ethic.
  • A commonsense approach. Emphasize a positive vision for the country, and a way to get there. Our flawed immigration policies are the problem, and we, as a democracy, have the power and responsibility to change them to make sure they are reasonable and fair.
  • Moving Forward Together. Discredit “us vs. them” distinctions. Highlight our cultural, economic, and historical connections to each other. Because we’re all connected, those contributions are important to everyone and bad policies hurt us all. 
Immigration Policy Reform
America is a nation of values, founded on an idea—that all men and women are created equal. So how we treat new immigrants reflects our commitment to the values that define us as Americans.
But everyone agrees that the current patchwork of policies and programs is mismanaged and broken, and it breaks up families. That’s not what this country stands for.
America deserves a commonsense immigration process, one that includes a roadmap for New Americans who aspire to be citizens.
We live in a democracy where we have the power and responsibility to change flawed policies. Your member of Congress needs to hear your voice: Reform our immigration policies now.
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