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Criminal Justice

Due Process

Core Message: Due process is a human right central to our Constitution, and to the American justice system. American values of justice and fairness stand strong only when we uphold the human right to due process.

  • Lead with values: Fairness, equal treatment, America’s founding principles. Assert that the United States should uphold due process in order to stand up for American values. Focus on the goal of protecting due process over the goal of protecting the rights of specific groups.
  • Emphasize due process as central to the credibility of our justice system. Highlight the idea that once we start denying rights for one individual or type of people, it puts all individuals’ rights at risk.
  • Include key information about how the current system denies due process rights. Audiences are not aware of how our laws violate due process, and some people have a hard time believing that this could be happening.
  • In addition to being against rights abuses, talk about the fair processes you are for, and that uphold our values. 
Due Process
Fair treatment in our justice system is a basic American right. The Constitution is clear that everyone here deserves access to lawyers, a day in court, and fair treatment.
But our criminal justice system does not treat everyone fairly, including many of the immigrants who encounter it. Even if you’ve lived here for years, you can be deported if you’ve been accused of a low-level offense like shoplifting. Our criminal justice system bars many immigrants from access to lawyers, and detains thousands for indefinite amounts of time without hearings. There’s no question that we all should be held accountable for our actions, but removal from the country or indefinite detention is a clear example of the punishment simply not fitting the crime.
We need to re-examine how our justice systems treat everyone here, and align them with the values we hold dear. We need fair systems that ensure we don’t punish people without a hearing or access to lawyers. Those rights are central to our values.
Join our campaign to restore due process to its rightful place in our justice system.
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