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Border Communities

Tips for Talking Border Region Issues

Humanize the discussion by talking about communities.

  • Use terms like “border communities,” “border region,” and “borderlands.”
  • It’s more than a line or a fence to protect. 
  • Stress that communities need to have a say in decisions that affect them. 
  • Affected voices too often drowned out or ignored in political debates around immigration. 

Talk about how current border policies and spending result in violations of our values. 

  • We are a country that believes in community, fairness, and human rights. 
  • Drones, weapons and family detention facilities and do not uphold these values.

Repeating myths isn’t helpful, even when attempting to discredit them.

  • Instead promote truthful stories about border communities.
  • No need to provide further publicity to false reports about terrorists, drug cartels, etc.

Don’t rely on “border security” as an attempt to bridge partisan divides.

  •  “Secure the border” rhetoric reinforces wrong ideas and is harmful to border communities.
  • Advocate for a pathway to citizenship without saying the border is not secure.

Border Communities
The border region is economically vibrant and culturally diverse. Families whose roots go back centuries share the region with newcomers from around the country and around the world. An economic cornerstone and international hub, 1 in 24 jobs across the country depend on it.
However, the region also lives with decades of failed border enforcement policies that have exacerbated migrant deaths, destabilized local economies, and debilitate protections to civil liberties.
Instead of pouring more money into excessive police forces, we need investments in the ports-of-entry and infrastructure. Instead of giving border patrol free reign and tacitly accepting human rights violations, we need hold agents accountable and charge them with protecting human rights.
Tell your elected officials to work on positive solutions for border communities and to get rid of political rhetoric that focuses on the wrong priorities.
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