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While this toolkit provides guidance for building your own messages, we have some examples to get you started.  You can download and print each of these flashcards and use them the next time you have a media interview, need to write an opinion piece, or just need some ideas as you think through your messaging strategy. 

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Economic Opportunity

An Economy That Works For All

CORE MESSAGE: We need an economy that works for everyone, where the roadmap to opportunity is clear and available to all. The middle class is the engine of our economy and most people’s best shot at real opportunity. But it doesn’t happen by accident. A strong and growing middle class is the result of decisions we make together to build an economy that is fair and equitable.


  • Lead with values: Opportunity and equality, community and the common good, economic security and mobility.
  • Paint the picture of what a successful economy looks like: Fair, equitable, a strong and expanding middle class, good jobs, and affordable education.
  • Clearly state the economic and political obstacles. Working and middle-class families struggle while economic inequality grows. Our political system is too influenced by money over people.

  • Talk about solutions, and a positive role for government. Our economy—and the middle class—don’t happen on their own. They are the result of decisions we make together through our government.

  • Call people to action. Remind them that we are fighting together for an America that works for all of us. Then point out concrete ways that people can work toward this.

    For more information and background on a “Progressive Economic Narrative,” go to: 

An Economy That Works For All