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While this toolkit provides guidance for building your own messages, we have some examples to get you started.  You can download and print each of these flashcards and use them the next time you have a media interview, need to write an opinion piece, or just need some ideas as you think through your messaging strategy. 

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Immigrant Integration

Core Message: Americans value diversity, inclusion, and opportunity for all. We understand that the energy, ideas, culture, and spirit of new Americans is part of what makes us who we are—and who we will become. We need to ensure that newcomers have what they need to participate, contribute, and succeed. 

Use three core themes: commonsense, values and moving forward together.

  • Lead with values. Opportunity, equality, inclusion, diversity. Connect immigrants to the values you highlight. Emphasize the values that immigrant Americans and other residents share—family, work, community. Assert that values make someone an American, not where they come from or what they look like.
  • Avoid “us” and “them” distinctions. When talking about immigrants, try to talk about all aspects of who they are beyond simply immigrant designation: workers, business owners, mothers, neighbors. 
  • Use “integration” with care. When communicating to general audiences, it’s better to resist the temptation to use shorthand and to explain instead the programs and principles the term stands for in full. 

Immigrant Integration
This country is known around the world as a land of opportunity, and immigrant communities contribute much to that reputation, and to our success.
However, we often leave these communities high and dry when we consider the policies and services our communities need.
It’s important to remember that two-way street when it comes to investing in our communities. We’re all better off when new immigrants are set up to succeed and when they can attend English classes, get small business loans, and start on the road to citizenship. All of this adds up to a reinvigorated economy with confident, educated consumers, contributing diverse viewpoints and cultures to the our unique region.
Support immigrant-friendly policies in your community.
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